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Choosing online casino the right way:
 There are two types of newbie online gamblers - one type would do the research and select an online casino, while the other will click on the first casino banner they see. They are both right in their own way, but the gambler who actually goes through the proper steps of selecting online casinos will stand less chance of being dissatisfied with his or her decision. There are many ways you can choose the right online casino and below we will give you the basic major factors to consider when picking the right casino:

 The online casino bonus - the issue with bonuses offered by the online casinos is that there is no standard. You can read this article on the casino bonuses, but here is the skinny: See what are the bonus offer percentage and the wagering requirements. Many online casinos will advertise their bonus as a dollar sum, but the fact is that the bonus is directly correlated to your deposit amount. Some online casinos will offer 50% on your first deposit, others will offer 125%. The same is true with the wagering requirements - they are different at every online casino, hence you must check the fine print beforehand.

 The online casino software - this is a very important feature you must consider when choosing your online casino. The online casinos are nothing more than leased software by an online gambling developer company, which is in turn customized for the specific casino brand. Online casinos from the same software developer will differ slightly, but online casinos from different software developers will show enormous differences - from the games, through the lobby and cashier. The big software developers are RealTime Gaming (RTG), Microgaming, Playtech and Vegas Technology. We have done our best to find at least one good online casino from each software developer, but PlayTech casinos do not allow US players (plus they really suck), while Microgaming just pulled the plug on all North American operations, which is a bad move in our book and makes those online casinos useless.

 Ease of use and money transactions. This is another important feature you should definitely pay attention to. To see if an online casino is the right for you, you can always open a "fun money" account, i.e. the casino will give you fake money to play so you can see if you like the games and the overall appearance of the online casino. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see how the financial side of the casino will work out until you have opened a real player account and try to deposit money with the online casino. Many casinos which don't allow USA players, for example, will let you sign up and notify you about their no-US-player policy only after you have divulged enough information which they in turn can use to spam you or sell to another gambling website. Yeah, that's why you should play only at the online casinos we have reviewed and approved - they don't use this kind of practice. Plus - you really don't want to waste your time with online casino websites that won't work for you. Same applies for withdrawing your winning from the online casinos - you just want it to work, period.

 Customer Service - unfortunately this aspect of the online casinos could be outsourced just like in any other industry nowadays. But you should insist on playing online casino with dedicated customer support. If the online casino is a good one, you will get a knowledgeable staff and customer service fluent in a few of the popular world languages. Let's face it - no one wants to waste their time talking to some guy, when you could be playing.

 Finally - if you are happy with the online casino you have chosen - stick with it, you have found a gem. There are literally hundreds of online casino websites from all over the world, but take a look at the small number of online casinos we recommend for gambling and you will get the picture.





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