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Slots: Playing slots at the online casinos
 Slots is by far the most popular online casino game and the majority will agree - the most entertaining casino game, as well. It is true that over 3/4 of the gamblers who visit the online casinos do so in order to play slots. And why wouldn't you, considering it's the biggest money maker when gambling. There is no other game that would give gamblers the same level of payout compared to the initial bet, not to mention that with the today's level of graphics and software, the slots at the online casinos are simply a piece of art. Of course, if you would like to play the best slots available on the internet - simply choose one of the online casinos approved by our portal, you can read the reviews by following the links in the top left side of this page.

Slots vary by their features, but the most common distinction between the slot machines is in the number of their reels. Starting from the basic slot machine - the 3-reel slots, also called the "one-armed bandit", which stems from the handle on the right side of the machine. Of course, there are no handles when you play the one-armed bandits at the online casinos, but the principle is the same (actually a few casinos still place a small handle button on the side of the 3-reel slots, which you can pull, instead of using the spin button). The 3-reel slots are also the cheapest to play, since they don't have many pay lines. This also means you won't win as much playing the 1-armed bandits, but some folks are traditionalists and enjoy playing this type of slots the most.

 Further you will see slot machines at the online casinos with 5-reels, which are generally as high as the number of reels will go at the majority of the online casinos. Those slots, however, offer a lot more in pay-lines, some going as high as 25 pay lines. These are great online slots to play, since almost every spin will end up paying out some kind of win and big hits are more likely to occur with more pay-lines. The 5-reel slots are also the ones which will include some form of extra bonus, ranging from free spins to money prizes to skill bonuses. The 5-reel extra bonus slots are currently the most popular slot machines at the online casinos due to their high payout possibility.

 Another type of slot machines is the progressive slots, which could be either 3-reel or 5-reel slots, with or without bonus, but the main distinction is the progressive jackpot players can win if a condition is met. Unlike any other kind of slots, the progressive jackpot slot machines are interconnected between the online casinos (by gambling software developer) and the same jackpot could be won at any of the casinos. What makes this jackpot a progressive one is the fact that it starts from a predetermined amount and then progressively increases by a certain number in a give time, usually every second. The way it works - from every bet you place at a progressive jackpot slot machine a small part is taken and set aside in a "pool", which is the jackpot itself. The percentage taken from every bet and allocated to the progressive jackpot pool varies from casino to casino, but it's usually in the frame 3%-7%.





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