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Online casinos >> Online casinos vs. offline gambling
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Online casinos vs. offline gambling:
 Whether you will gamble online or play at the offline casinos is entirely the gambler's choice. This article is not about trying to make you gamble online or discouraging you from doing so, rather I have tried to list the positive and negative of choosing offline vs. online gambling.

 Offline gambling: The extra entertainment that comes with gambling at the Las Vegas casinos - shows, dinners, sightseeing, etc. are all activities that you cannot enjoy gambling on the Internet. This, of course, relates to making a vacation out of your gambling, or going to the local land-based casino when they have promos. Keep in mind, however, that the local casinos often charge you for the extra features - you have to pay for concert tickets, pay for your meals, pay for your hotel room, etc. Interaction is another feature you can find at the B&M casinos - you can go there with a group of friends, talk to the folks on the neighboring slot machines or shoot the breeze with the blackjack dealer.

 Online gambling: Better bang for your money, considering you can get thousands worth of bonus money, which easily turn into real money. The offline casinos simply cannot compete with the bonuses their online counterparts are giving away to the players. Ease of use - unlike the casinos, the online casinos do not require pumping gas at $4 a gallon and spending a few hours driving to and from the casino. These are extra expenses many online gamblers view as unnecessary nuisance and love to avoid. And contrary to the popular belief, the chance of you losing your home gambling online in the middle of the night is absolutely non-existent, unlike the many stories we have heard and seen at the offline casinos. See, the online casinos have a weekly and monthly depositing limits, usually set quite low, which not only protect you from spending a small fortune gambling, but protect themselves from bounced checks.





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