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online casino websites remain safer for minors
 One of the biggest arguments you can hear from those opposing the legalization of the online casinos is that the casino websites are not safe for minors. Those people claim that such an easy access to casino gambling would corrupt the youth and lead to financial problems. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth and as a matter of fact the online casino websites remain safer for minors than the regular land-based casinos. For one, you don't have to drive to the online casinos and considering some of the land based casinos are located in already deteriorated neighborhoods, or those communities fell apart after the casino was built, is one gigantic plus for online gambling. Drinking and driving is also not an option with the casino websites - some states are looking into stopping alcohol sales at the casinos early, namely because of the increased DUI-related accidents. Of course, you don't have to drive to the online casinos at all.

 In addition, the online casinos always require multiple form of ID verification - from copies of drivers licenses, credit cards, some even going as far as requesting a photocopy of a utility bill, while at the land based casino halls the highest form of age verification is a look at an ID, which could be easily faked, and sometimes the bored security guard may not even check if you look old enough or it's the rush hour. Not to mention that we have never seen a clerk ask for an ID when purchasing a lotto ticket at the gas stations. Some states also have self-serve lottery ticket dispensing machines, where age verification is zero. But at the online casinos a minor will need a much larger numbers of faked documents in order to gamble. Another feature of the online casino websites is the spending limit imposed not only by the online casinos, in order to protect themselves from fraudulent activity, but also forced by the ewallets the online casino may use. This is a great safeguard against excessive and compulsive gambling, something that is not practiced by the land-based casino gambling establishments.





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