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Online casinos >> Safety and security at the online casino
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Safety and security at the online casino:
 Safety and security at the online casinos is a topic written and re-written, thus we will not make a book out of it. The bottom line of the question if the online casinos are safe and secure is yes and no. It all depends on which online casino you choose to play. The online casinos listed on our website's home page are indeed safe and secure - they don't lose customer information, misuse it or avoid paying their winners. As a matter of fact, this whole website is dedicated to our experience with the online casinos from the safety and security point of view.

 On the other side, there are quite a few online casinos, some of which we have been unlucky to visit, others we have learned about from friends and bloggers, which are out to screw you out of your money, and in worst case scenario, your personal information. Because every bozo in a third-world country can create a fake online gambling website, you should be very careful (remember the Nigerian spam emails?). To avoid getting caught by some crooks with your pants down, only gamble at the online casinos listed on this website. Don't say you were not warned!





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