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Video Poker: Play casino video poker
 Video poker is a very popular casino game with many variations and ways to win. You can play video poker at any of the online casinos listed on our home page, but don't forget to read our reviews first. Playing and winning at video poker is very easy, although the video poker casino game is also regarded as the longest one you can play with a given bankroll.

 How to play video poker: The game of video poker is very easy - you will be dealt five cards and then given to option to keep any of the five. The ones you did not keep will be replaced once in the next draw. If those two draws match up to anything in the payable, which is always above the cards for reference, you win the prize shown for that outcome. And with the regular video poker, you can only win in nine different situations - if you get any of the following: qualifying pair (determined depending on the video poker machine you play, usually Jacks or better), two pairs, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush.

 Another popular form of video poker is the one using the joker, which substitutes for any card, but always for the one that will give you the best possible outcome. With the joker-poker your pay table also includes 5 of a kind (4 of a kind plus joker) and joker royal flush. Basically, the objective of Joker Poker is to complete each play hand with the strongest poker hand possible. The payout on each play hand is dependent on the ranking of the hand as described in the Payout Table. Other forms of video poker are also widely available at the online casinos, including games such as "Aces and Faces", double Joker, Deuces Wild, etc. Except the Jacks or Better and Joker Poker, which you will find at every online casino, the other variation of the video poker game may or may not be available at some casinos.

 A rule of thumb when playing video poker is to always play the maximum bet. Rare hits such as Royal Flush and Straight Flush will pay out huge if you play the maximum coins. Also the payout at the maximum bet is higher than the rest, which go up progressively. And considering that there is always the chance for a 4 of a kind at any time, you can make it big with just a few hands if you bet the maximum coin playing video poker. Also keep in mind that what the video poker machine will give you is determined every hand by a random number generator, which makes it possible to get 2 royal flush hands in a row, although extremely rare.

 And finally, once you know how to play the variations of video poker, make sure you compare the pay tables of the different video poker games offered at the online casino. Often some video poker types will offer greater payout, despite of common sense. For example, the online casino may offer higher 4 of a kind payout at the Tens or Better than you will get at the Jacks or Better. Keep your eyes open for such oddities and take advantage of them when playing video poker at the online casinos.





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